Welcome to the restaurant
Casa Domingo!

Restaurant-garden Casa Domingo is a part of our complex that deserves special attention.
Here, in the peaceful atmosphere of our lovely garden, you will be able to enjoy good food, prepared and served in the best way.
In the kitchen, we work exclusively with fresh and quality products – a large part of them we buy from local producers, and a significant part we grow ourselves in our garden in the village of Izgrev. We supply ourselves with soon caught fish from the fishermen in the region and the purest and most delicious honey from the best beekeepers in Strandzha mountain.
We try to keep our menu varied and seasonal. Our chefs work with a lot of passion, creativity and taste for delicious food, taking into account modern trends in cooking and nutrition.
Without being a fish restaurant, we have a special focus on good seafood. You will find our fish soup to be one of the tastiest you’ve ever tasted, and for lovers of exotic cuisine, we offer our Thai Tom Yum Shrimp Soup. The marinated bonito, which we prepare ourselves according to an old Sinemorets’ recipe, should not go without attention.

Breakfast lunch and dinner,
with which we want to leave you a delicious memory
from summer at hotel Casa Domingo

If for you breakfast is an important start of the day, our “tireless bees” in the kitchen will offer you a homemade patty, smelling of butter and good cheese, the most delicious Desi’s pastries, or fried slices. We will serve them with jam prepared by us, aromatic juices from elderberry, fig or lemonade and of course – a cup of coffee.
Our lunch offers for every day of the week are different, but always very tasty. You can eat with us or order takeaway.
After the day spent by the seashore, the evening will be a wonderful ending in the pleasant atmosphere of our garden, in the company of your dear people and the evening delights of our chefs. Bulgarian and world evergreens from our playlist will make you relax pleasantly and …. we believe you will come back to us!