When you arrive at Casa Domingo, you cannot help but feel its amazing energy!

Strandzha Mountain, with its mystical secrets, instantly captures you and turns you into a part of its enchanting centuries-old harmony.
That was also our feeling in the very beginning in 1997 when we started the construction of our hotel complex. We wanted to blend in with nature and thus showing our respect.
The first building was designed in the spirit of a traditional Strandzha house, which continues its life in our modern era.
Six years later, we completed the construction of the second building in the same style.
In the natural space between the two hotel buildings, we formed an inner courtyard with beautiful greenery, carrying the cosiness of “my little garden” with the scent of blossoming jasmine, figs, lavender, and herbs.


Casa Domingo restaurant will enchant you

We have arranged the outdoor part of our restaurant amidst the gentle coolness of this green oasis. Our chefs’ tasty suggestions will meet all your expectations for great food.
We have also thought well about the table arrangement and, to ensure your personal comfort and tranquillity, placed them in separate booths.


Our outdoor pool is a perfect solution for those who love spending their afternoons on a sun lounger, with a book or a cocktail, as a continuation of the seaside experience.
Our hotel rooms and apartments are unique with their different interior solutions.
With great taste and attention to detail, we have strived to create a homely atmosphere, providing living space and amenities for your entire family and pets.

We give special attention to the overall hygiene and we do quality cleaning, which are of paramount importance for our overall safety.
To all of this, we can add the professionalism of our long-standing staff, who, if necessary, are ready to respond to any emerging issues and inconveniences.
We believe that your stay at Casa Domingo will be an exciting experience combining the sea breeze with unforgettable memories!