Tours in Strandzha

Village of Velika

Located 5 km. west of the village of Lozenets. Here you can look at, or you can choose to grow, some of the unique plants in the botanical garden of the Serafimovi family.

Village of Kosti

Located 25 km. off the town of Tsarevo Here is Bulgaria's oldest reserve - Silikosia, unique for the abundance of the Strandzhanska Zelenika, a splendid type of rhododendron, a protected plant that in Bulgaria can only be found in Strandzha and is considered a symbol of the mountain.

Village of Bulgari

Located 17 km. off the village of Tsarevo on the road to the village of Malko Tarnovo. This is the place where the authentic and mysterious ritual of "Nestinari" (fire-dancers) is still preserved, performed every year on the day of St.St. Constantine and Helen (June 03 - old style).

Village of Gramatikovo

Located on the eastern slopes of the Strandzha mountain, 25 km. west of the town of Tsarevo. Twenty km. west of it is the town of Malko Tarnovo. Here you will be able to see an extremely interesting forest collection - an attractive presentation of the nature of Strandzha.

Town of Malko Tarnovo

Located 58 km. south-west of the town of Tsarevo. What can you see here:
* an architectural and museum complex
* the Golemia Vris water spring in the centre
* the Uspenie Bogorodichno orthodox chapel - an architectural and historical monument
* a natural museum, where many pictures and games acquaint children with the unique nature of Strandzha.
* Thracian tombs in the Propada area - 4 km. north-west of the town - and archeological and cultural monument.
* Thracian domed tomb in the Mishkova Niva area - an archeological monument of national significance.

The Petrova Niva historical area

Located 14 km. off the village of Zvezdets.

The Mishkova Niva historical area

A unique ancient Thracian archeological village. A memorial to those who died in the Preobrazhensko rebellion in 1903; museum colection.

Village of Brashlyan

Located 11 km. north-west of Malko Tarnovo.
* Architectural and historical reserve. Here you can enjoy well preserved Strandzha houses of the 18th and 19th centuries, declared national monuments.
* old church Saint Dimitar - build in the late 17th century with a church school - an architectural monument.