Tours along the shore

The mouth of the Veleka river (north beach) - located at the beginning of the village of Sinemorets. An extremely beautiful coastline, lying between the calm waters of the Veleka river and the waves of the Black Sea.

King's Well - 6 kilometers upstream the Vleka river. A nice area with a well provided shelter. Suitable for picnicking. One of King Boris's favorite hunting places.

Butamyata Bay - located 200 meters off the Domingo complex. Large and wide sandy coastline. All modern beach conveniences are offered - umbrellas, chaise-longues, food bars and other beach facilities.

Linden Beach - a path starts at the south end of the Butamyata, which will take you to the Linden beach. A nice place for those who like seclusion.

Cape Listi - walk on for one kilometer after Linden Beach and you will get to Cape Listi. The beach here is small and sheltered. Local fishermen come to catch a special kind of large crab.

Cape Silistar and Silistar Bay - located 6 km off from the village of Sinemorets in the direction towards the village of Rezovo. Cape Salistar is located in Dokuzak, a protected natural landmark. You can get there by car.

Silistar Bay - the most fantastic beach. The sea here is calm and the water is pellucid.

Cape Castrich - located south of Silistar Bay, 3 kilometers off the village of Rezovo. There is a small stronghold with a rectangular plan here ( 20 Х 30 m ). Some say that the medieval stronghold Castricion used to be at this place. There are funeral mounds in the area. It is within the guarded border zone.

Village of Rezovo - located 12 kilometers off the village of Sinemorets. Founded in 1905 at the coast of the Black sea and the mouth of the Rezovska river, the village is the most southern location in Bulgaria's Black Sea. The Rezovska river is a natural border with Turkey. From the Bulgarian beach you can see the village of Benedig (Stefanovo). It is only accessible by car. It is in the guarded border zone. Carry a personal identity document.